Thought Foundation


Our ethos at Thought Foundation is to encourage exciting ways to look at the world, problem solve, respond creatively, push boundaries, explore new ideas and ways of looking, thinking and working.

We have developed our Thought Foundation LEARN education programme to promote arts engagement and creative explorations for young people and adults through workshops and projects. The objective of our programme is to build on Thought Foundation’s ethos by developing a collaborative, creative community of both young people and adults, across the North East. Through workshops, projects and CPD we seek to nurture thoughtfulness, creativity and kindness, supporting participants to adopt this approach across all areas of teaching and learning and paving the way into further arts and cultural engagement.

This Autumns Education program:

Thoughtful Planet

Delve into a world of creative responses to environmental issues with
our Thoughtful Planet workshops for KS1-3 with cross curricular links, throughout Sept-Nov2019.

Find out more my downloading our PDF here