Let's Discuss Disability


Let's Discuss Disability

2019-05-22 | Charlotte

Let's Discuss Disability Exhibition

2nd May - 15th June


Let's Discuss Disability is a group exhibition of artists who explore their own disability through creative practice. With photography, spoken word, sculpture and “invalid carriages” on display, Let's Discuss Disability creates a personal and historical discourse about how we discuss disability in past, present and going forward.


Artists exhibiting include Deborah Humm, Hello Little Lady, Kev Howard, Lisette Auton, Simon Mckeown & iami Creative with NEAS.

Deborah Humm - Journeys


Debbie’s  drawings act as an enquiry into the internal (mis)communication between brain, body and the resulting perplexing external manifestations, having MS she experience these daily. Debbie’s brain works 10 times harder than most hence the intense fatigue experienced continually, Journeys is a representation of this overwhelming state.


After completing her BA in Fine Art, she was awarded the Elfriede Windsor Scholarship to continue directly onto a Fine Art Masters at the University of Creative Arts in Canterbury, Kent.


Hello Little Lady - You're Just Little


You're Just Little reveals the challenges, obstacles and societal assumptions people with Dwarfism face on a daily basis. Along with challenging the use of the gallery space, the participatory element included the showcasing of viewpoints from across the spectrum of dwarf conditions, enabling people with Dwarfism to control their own narratives in an arts setting.


Steph Robson, aka HelloLittleLady, is a blogger and creative activist who uses online, writing and photography as platforms to talk about Dwarfism and Disability.


Kev Howard - d-FORMED


Kevin’s autobiographical photography series explores disability, both in societal standing and how we view the disabled community. The work poses questions to the audience around body shape and function and looks at the surgical experience of disabled people. Howard uses his own body to illustrate the narrative of the exhibition including highlighting some of the most severe surgical procedures he has endured and the deformities he lives with.


Kev Howard is an artist based in Saltburn with a practice spanning photography, music and education.


Lisette Auton - I am NOT Wheelchair Bound.


Lisette’s spoken word performances focus on disability, mental health and politics, using lyrical techniques to spiral out from the personal to the universal. Lisette uses her platform as a performer, writer and theatre-maker to make the invisible visible.

Simon Mckeown - The Story of Invalid Carriages

Simon Mckeown is an artist, academic and Director of the Invalid Carriage Register. He is also a keen collector of these vehicles with over 20 examples in his collection. Invalid Carriages were quickly phased out by the Government in 1975, following a disabled-led campaign which led to the development of the current ’Motability’ disabled vehicle scheme. The history of the bright blue NHS disability car is not a simple story of automobiles. Simon’s collection of photography as well as a 1960’s invalid carriage is on display within Let’s Discuss Disability.


Danni Gilbert (aka iami creative) & NEAS - We are Activism


Danni is a local artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She was commissioned by the North East Autism Society (NEAS) to lead the creative project ‘Autism Activists’ working closely with a group of young people with Autism at Thought Foundation. The group has created their own font and with the help of Aaron Lambert an animation, alongside a series of protest style messages that communicate their personal experiences of Autism to create a deeper level of acceptance.