Thought Foundation


thoughts on a news letter

1st August 2016 | Gareth

To help you keep up to date with what we are up to we have launched our newsletter we will try and produce as often as we can. We are hoping to have more to talk about when we flesh out our plans and can start sending them out more often. If you like to hear more then you can sign up at the bottom of this page. This one will be our latter this week and will show some light on our plans.

Family Focused

1st April 2016 | Gareth

 Will there be anything for little people at Thought Foundation?

Yes there will!

Thought Foundation is being set up by a creative family. We feel there is a need in the Northeast to have creative space filled with all sorts of juicy activities for all the family to enjoy from the littles bundles to the older members.

We are currently writing our creative plan, your thoughts/ideas are welcome too... email [email protected] and sign up to our newsletter for more info!

thought one: the build

23rd March 2016 | Gareth

ok after a long planning phase we are starting the build:

so here weo go. we are going to turn an old vehicle repair workshop built in the 60's to a new gallery...