Thought Foundation


Family Focused

1st April 2016 | Gareth

 Will there be anything for little people at Thought Foundation?

Yes there will!

Thought Foundation is being set up by a creative family. We feel there is a need in the Northeast to have creative space filled with all sorts of juicy activities for all the family to enjoy from the littles bundles to the older members.

We are currently writing our creative plan, your thoughts/ideas are welcome too... email [email protected] and sign up to our newsletter for more info!

thought one: the build

23rd March 2016 | Gareth

ok after a long planning phase we are starting the build:

so here weo go. we are going to turn an old vehicle repair workshop built in the 60's to a new gallery...

In the begginning there was no power

22nd March 2016 | Leanne

One cold, wintery night at the beginning of the year we came home to find our house in darkness... a power cut... haven't had one of those since the nineties. Our two little girls thought it was mega exciting, although they were a little scared of the dark! Luckily for us we had previously been to ikea for the obligatory tea lights. So after dotting these around the house, lighting our coal fire, setting up a camp bed for the girls in the front room we were set for the night. With snoring girls snuggled in sleeping bags, we got dreaming... bugger it! We thought lets open a gallery, studio and cafe!


Our proof a picture of the repaired cables the next morning...