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Closed but Open

17th March 2020 | Charlotte

Leanne and Gareth Here…

We never thought we would have to post this but for the foreseeable future Thought Foundation will be closing our doors. After hours of discussions with our team and taking heed from the government we have made the decision to close as of tomorrow, until further notice.

We are a hub for our community, we love supporting you guys and sharing our space with you, but ultimately we want everyone to be safe and healthy. We think this is the most responsible thing to do to protect our community and what’s why we need to close.

We will be supporting our staff as best we can.

We are, however open to suggestions, if you think there is anyway we can help the community let’s start the conversation here… it’s good to talk.

Don’t be a stranger stay in touch via facebook, twitter, instagram or email, we will be replying.

If you have booked a workshop/event/room, you will be hearing from us shortly, we will be refunding and postponing activities.

We will open again at the earliest opportunity.






Toy swap

21st January 2020 | Gareth

Leanne Here…

Is it just me or is anyone struggle with consumerism?

The way I see it is that we have been brought up on consumerism, having stuff (and lots of it) has meant that you are a better person - or so we have been told! Significantly in my teens it was owning a pair of £75 Kickers (I NEEDED them!), but even from as young as five I was sold the need to have a Cabbage Patch Doll or Tiny Tears and it was Lego and Scaletrix for my brother (yes our household was very gendered). Now in my late 30’s adult life I am actively trying to shrug the need for stuff… I absolutely, 100% don’t need any more belongings! And nor do my kids for that matter… so how come then do I have find myself (only occasionally these days) buying more stuff? It’s like an addiction, a dirty one, that I desperately don’t want!

I am actively trying to talk to my kids about not needing any more stuff, being happy with what we have, etc, etc… In an ideal world they would say “Mummy can we climb trees, walk in the park or on the beach as a to opposed please can I have Heelies, a Fit Bit, this bit of plastic tat or that nonsense toy that they have seen on YouTube, etc. Some of what I am saying to them is filtering through though, my youngest daughter of 6, was having a minor meltdown in Hobbycraft yesterday pleading with me to buy her another slime kit. I refused, we had a heated discussion and we left the shop. On the way home, through her tears she said something on the lines of “I know plastic is bad for animals, but I just want more plastic toys”. This to me is deep routed and really sad but I know I am not 100% to blame. Big business has a lot to answer for, filling our hearts and minds with the thoughts that we need more things! Basically it has to stop! That is if we want to protect our planet! Consumerism is contributing to the devastation of natural resources, habitats for our wildlife and so on.

As a family we haven’t been too bad over the Christmas period, there was a little bingeing on new things, but we tried to buy second hand, shop thoughtfully and local were possible whilst overall actively buying less. It’s a big shift in my programming and not necessarily my natural state… I do love treating my kids and after all we are sold stuff = love.

So why am I banging on about this?… Well instead of going cold turkey we, at Thought Foundation are hosting swapping events. This weekend we have Kids Toy, Book and Clothes Swap. You and the fam bring along any old kids stuff and for every item you receive a token, which you can exchange for other peoples stuff. The kids get something new-to-them, you don’t have to take as much home as you brought (we send the rest to charity). Nothing new have been bought… kids are happy and it’s kinder to the environment. I know it's not massive but it’s one way we can contribution to tackling mass consumerism, great for the purse strings too.

So join us this Saturday SWAP - DON'T SHOP! And as a bonus we are screening Toy Story 4 whilst you swap. You can just watch the movie if you don’t want to swap and if you want to buy anything extra it’s £1 per item.

£3 per family
Sat 25th Jan 2020
2-4 PM
No need to book


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How times have changed…FAMBINGO

22nd October 2019 | Gareth

Leanne here…

How times have changed…

From the age of 17 I was out every weekend, you know out out, when make-up and getting dressed up took as long as the night out itself. My pre drink of choice…Lambrini!! I know… don’t!

At the ripe old age of 38 I don’t drink, a whiff of alcohol gives me a hangover from hell and these days I haven’t got the time to lol* about watching 7 episodes of Lost on the bounce.

I loved it though… getting spruced up, meeting friends, having a good old dance. I still go out just in a sober state and I have learnt to really love it! Recently I had a rather crazy time at Bongo’s Bingo, for those who have been you know what I am on about, for those who haven’t it’s random. One minute you are dancing on the tables, then bingo, then having a rave, then bingo, then doing the conga, then bingo, to top it all off S Club 7 where performing, but there was only 3 of them… yes it sounds like a dream but it was a real life experience… honest, I would highly recommend it. But you know me I‘m always working in some capacity and as I was dancing on the tables, raving with glow sticks, I thought how wonderful this be for families.

So a few months ago we launched our very own TF styley FAMBINGO! It was a sell-out, we had a great MC who got everyone up on their feet (not on the tables, health and safety hell), the prizes where mint (we even had a bike to give away and a cardboard cut-out of R2D2!). We had kids from as young as 2 on the dance floor whilst someone else was celebrating their 45 birthday! We played a crazy game of Birtley bike bell ball bingo… don’t ask!

So what I am ranting on about is… come!! Bring your fam, have a quirky night out, you can drink if you want to (we have a licensed bar), there will be lush food on offer, the kids will love it and get this…you will be home for 7pm, snuggled on the sofa with your pjs ready for Saturday night TV after having had a cracking time!

Join us 2nd Nov 3-6pm for FAMBINGO - Halloween edit, it will be spoooktaularrrr, from £4, free for under 2’s, tickets at TF and, dressing up optional... Team TF will be!




*to lazily hang out- not laugh out loud or lots of love.

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