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“Where did all the Animals Go?”

4th June 2019 | Charlotte

Global issues like our responsibility for endangered animals are so important for us to explore at Thought Foundation, and more importantly we want to learn how we can take positive action to protect our wildlife.

Over the passed year we have been working alongside an amazing artist Jane McCracken on our up and coming exhibition “Where did all the Animals Go?”. She has engaged over 200 school children and members of the community to share the plight of our worlds many endangered animals. The exhibition will showcase her biro artwork and animals portraits by young people.
In partnership with Jane and alongside the exhibition we are hosting a “Where did all the Animals Go?” Conference, our headline speaker is Will Travers OBE president of BORN FREE Foundation. It will be an informative afternoon where the audience can learn about wildlife conservation, the importance of wildlife and biodiversity to humanity as well addressing positive and innovative ways to encourage individual action and the growth of collective responsibility towards wildlife welfare.

Both exhibition and conference call for wider awareness and compassion for wildlife affected by human destruction, and the subsequent impact of wildlife depletion on humanity if we don’t act now. These events, reveal the facts as to why and how species are threatened and provide access to vital knowledge as well as concise, key actions each one of us can take, so we can make positive changes for wildlife, both locally and globally.

The “Where did all the Animals Go?” exhibition starts 20th June for 6 weeks and is free entry, the conference 22nd June 12-5pm, £5 for adults and £2.50 for kids (all proceeds contribute to on-going work around endangered animals). You can book your tickets on or at Thought Foundation.

We realise it's a long afternoon for young humans, so we will be screening the film Wall-e for free in our workshop room.


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Dads and ...

16th May 2019 | Charlotte

Leanne here…

Dads and…

I am actually lucky enough to have 2 Dads! a biological one and one of the step variety… both very different and very wonderful. Ginger Geoff is the inspiring, knowledge thirsty, life loving adventurous paternal Papa whom in my adult years I hardly see in person because he is either pushing biking over the Pyrenes, hiking up Scottish Mountains or dining out with his lovely wife in Luxembourg… living life to full - just as I would like him to do, we chat regularly and follow his travels on Facebook too! Then there is my kind, family focused, dog, garden and bargain loving step Dad, Colin, great to chill with watching Saturday Night telly. The problem with the pair of them is that they want for nothing; they need no more material processions, essentially it seems Dads don’t want anything thing! Therefore Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas are a nightmare. I tried to seek out thoughtful gestures rather than wasteful big gifts that what get used.

As I chat about my 2 Dads to Amanda, another of Team TF, she recalls her Dad, unfortunately he passed away 10 years ago, so obviously there needs to be room at these times to think of significant humans too, talk about their impact on our lives and reminisce. We understand that you might not have that biological father, maybe your Mum is also Dad; perhaps it’s your Grandad, uncle or Dave next door who is significant to you… it’s not about the title, it’s the loving role they play in your life.   

This led me to think about what we can offer at TF for the Dads, uncles, brothers or that special human who you want to celebrate Father’s Day with. We have 2 events you might be interested in. The Thoughtful Night Market 15th June 5-9pm, we have made sure there are stalls where you can buy that special token gift, including Crescent51, handmade wooden products, Durham Gin and High Arches, a cool local sock company with many other companies besides.

On Father’s Day itself we are hosting Pop up Papa. An exhibition were your families are the artists… inspired by the notion that we think Dads mostly love family time above anything else. We have a big empty gallery on that day crying out for a creative buzz, so why not make art/sculpture on the 16th June 11-pm & add your masterpiece to our community exhibition Pop up Papa. We are also putting a cool playlist together so if you want to contribute your Dads fav song let us know, a bit of Brit Pop goes down well! There will be a BBQ (depending on the weather), we are also in the process of seeking out the northeast best Pork pie, to make to most phenomenal ploughman’s. Whatever the weather it will be lush.





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Let's discuss disability exhibition - artist work explained

8th May 2019 | Gareth

We have set up some audio description of all the artwork in our current exhibition entitled "Let's Discuss Disability"

The can be found on our YouTube channel you would like to find out more then please follow these links?

Lets Discuss Disability Introduction

You're Just Little by Hello Little Lady (Aka Steph Robson)

Journeys by Deborah Hunn

Story of Invalid Carriages by Simon McKeown

I am NOT Wheelchair Bound by Lisette Auton

d-Formed by Kev Howard

We Are Activism at Thought Foundation

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