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Affordable art fair now open

6th November 2018 | Gareth

From November to January we are holding our Affordable Art Fair a  great way to look for a thoughtful, Christmas gift...

We have a huge slection of unique art that wont hurt your pocket.


So far this month a great success already, selling like hotcakes. Some of the art is original so when it’s gone it’s gone.


31st July 2018 | Sinead

Join us throughout the summer holidays where there is always something to do, from our Imagination Station for littles or giant sandpit to our chalkboard caravan for everyone to draw all over.

AND (drum roll please) here is our Young Human August Events - perfect for entertaining the tribe this 6 weeks holiday!


Any questions hit us up or check out our

World Ocean Day

8th June 2018 | Sinead

In celebration of #WorldOcean
day, we've written a blog post about Thought Foundation's commitment to protecting our environment and our upcoming exhibition Thoughtful Planet 2. Check it out!

On World Ocean’s day we’re thinking about plastics effect on our seas. Plastics devastating effect on our oceans has long been a concern for environmentalists. Blue Planet documentaries trended on twitter and flooded Facebook causing plastic boycotting and ocean environmentalism to rapidly infiltrate public consciousness. Is this the beginning of an effective renaissance of reusable products and recycling or simply a temporary phase soon to be forgotten in favour of ease and functionality?


Here, at Thought Foundation environmentalism and ethical craftsmanship is a huge element of our ethos. Thought Foundation is a place where creative thought and play are nurtured. Where new skills are learned, and where you can eat, drink or buy things that enrich the experience and hopefully make your life better.


One of Thought Foundation’s most popular exhibitions “Thoughtful Planet”, curated by co-owner Leanne Pearse – Billinghurst, will return this June as “Thoughtful Planet 2”. The multi-disciplinary exhibition includes artistic responses to environmental crisis. Artworks are intelligent, thought provoking and imaginative solutions exploring global warming, environmental politics issues and consumerist culture.


A show stopping installation “Wave” by local Birtley artist Phil Wombwell was a firm favourite during “Thoughtful Planet” and continues to adorn Thought Foundation wall and ceiling. Using 45,000 unused blue plastic cups “Wave” explores the devastating affect plastic has on our oceans.


Phil describes his work as;

"A Mass of Sadness Invade Forty Six Thousand so Fleshly Consumed"
Plastic cups, that were to be disposed of by a public organisation, are displayed here, assuming the shape of our oceans. This piece is designed to be impactful, a demonstration of what our world’s waterways have become as we continue to pollute them with plastics