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Business Breakfast 3 - Networking Horror Stories

Date: Friday 13th of October
Time: 08:30:00 - 10:00:00

Ever thought about exploring creativity as a means of engaging your staff, or to help you approach your business from a different perspective?  Perhaps you would like to put something back into the local community but don't know where to start?


Reason 1:  Friends of Thought Foundation


Thought Foundation are looking to build relationships with businesses and organisations who would like to engage in the arts and/or do great things in the community.  


There are opportunities for sponsorship of exhibitions or one off events, as well as the possibility to book our space for staff/client events.


We are open to discussing any ideas with interested parties. 


Reason 2: Willow Burn


Hear Laura Forbes, talk about ‘Networking Horror Stories’  We’ve all got at least one horror story from a networking event; people throwing business cards at you with no explanation, the arrogant chap who only talks about how great he is, the clique in the corner who don’t let you join their conversation! Well on Friday 13th October we are celebrating these stories and hosting a networking event which will be fun, relaxed and productive!


Reason 32:  Thoughtful Planet Business Breakfast (TPBB)


Open to businesses in Birtley and beyond who would like to meet with like-minded folk from across the business community to mingle, share ideas, and make new connections. 


We would particularly like to welcome businesses who already operate in an ethical way... and those who are in the process of, or who would like to make changes to adopt more thoughtful ways of doing business.


The Third Business Breakfast is on Friday 13th October from 8.30am - 10am 


Entrance  - Free*


TFBB will give you an opportunity to have a look at the space and all the great things in it, meet new people and hopefully support you to do business better.



Contact gareth@thoughtfoundation.co.uk to register or for more information.

Event Contact Details

Email gareth@thoughtfoundation.co.uk

Phone 0191 6451 007