Exclusive pre-publication event: The Breast Book: A puberty Guide with a difference

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Exclusive pre-publication event: The Breast Book: A puberty Guide with a difference

Date: Thursday 7th of March
Time: 18:30:00 - 20:30:00
Price: £3.50
Room: Gallery

A child can go all through their entire schooling without ever hearing a mention of human breastmilk. They will learn about the process of photosynthesis and how plants get food, and study in detail the human digestive system and nutrition, yet there is no statutory obligation for schools to so much as mention the crucial function of human breasts or how babies get their food. A girl will end her education being able to draw the structure of the heart with her eyes closed but have no understanding of the basic structure of her own breasts.


Former Deputy Headteacher and breastfeeding counsellor and lactation consultant, Emma Pickett is set to re-dress the balance with her friendly guide, The Breast Book. This essential book for girls aged 9-14 years is a refreshing companion to educate and reassure them about their changing bodies during puberty. Illustrated in full colour and including personal stories, The Breast Book demystifies breasts, how they work and why, sharing knowledge about breastfeeding and inspiring body confidence in an accessible format.


Emma, will discuss her journey towards writing The Breast Book and what she hopes it will achieve:


· What do girls deserve to know and how might this impact on their experience as mothers?

· How can we talk to our daughters and sons about breasts?

· How does society need to change? What progress have we made and where do we still need to go?


Hear Emma discuss these issues, she will read extracts from The Breast Book plus Q&A

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