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Humans that Rock the World Project

Date: Wednesday 25th of July
Time: 10:00:00 - 15:00:00
Price: £22.00
Room: Brain Space - Workshop/Meeting Room

We believe deeply in celebrating all that is great about the world and the humans that help make it the best place to live in the universe. The art team at TF have devised a creative, thoughtful series of day workshops to enable young humans to explore the work and lives of extraordinary people. We will explore a new figure each session which will inspire us to make our own work, empower us to look differently and develop new skills.

Booking is essential, book at Thought Foundation or online at eventbrite.co.uk 


10am - 3pm

£22 per human per session (including lunch and refreshments)

Ages: 7-14


Week one  -  Coco Chanel

Date : wednesday 25th July

Aims of session 1:

-          Research the world of Coca Chanel

-          Explore fashion design / history of fashion

-          Create fashion designs with positive imagery and slogans

-          Explore ideas around positive body image

-          Make a sculptural piece of art



Week two  -  Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake

1st August 2018

Aims of session 2: -        

-          Explore work by both humans, words and images

-          Explore different ways to create poetry and prose

-          Draw, paint, illustrate


Week three  -  David Hockney

15th August 2018

Aims of session 3: -        

-              Explore work by the artist David Hockey

-              create a colour wheel, look at use of colour, colour combinations

-              create a landscape painting


Week four  -  Frida Kahlo

15th August 2018

Aims of session 4: -        

 Research the artist, her work, her influences and inspiration

 Draw, paint and illustrate a self portrait


Week five  -  Grayson Perry

22nd August 2018

Aims of session 5: -        

 Research the artist, his work, his influences and inspiration

 Draw, paint, illustrate and design artwork about the world around us

 Explore clay and make a ceramic pot.


Event Contact Details

Email learn@thoughtfoundation.co.uk

Phone 01916910203