Nature Nurture Future Conference

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Nature Nurture Future Conference

Date: Saturday 9th of November
Time: 12:00:00 - 17:00:00
Room: Gallery

On 9th November @thoughtfound we open up a lovely relaxed day of art and discussion in
the midst of a beautiful exhibition entitled Thoughtful Planet. Our philosophies and thinking
about the future is discussed with varied issues and policy concerns. We warmly welcome
children, friends, carers, mothers, fathers, researchers and practitioners who support,
nurture and enable young people and children. This will be a thoughtful and engaging day
to stop and think about the future. Verbal, film and written sources will be shared.
Participants will feel at ease in discussion and later the structured format includes published
work in research-based presentations

Dr Sheila Quaid and the innovative Community Interest Company Thought Foundation will
host this Festival of Social Science. The day will create a space for space to share
experiences and knowledge of family lives in all its forms, from working, lesbian, teen
mums, young dads, step dads, gay dads and mums to grandmothers taking over the role of
parent. This will be relaxed and visually lovely in a vibrant and beautiful community art
project. We bring together aspects of art, visual creativity, technology, life, local and global
environment, parenting, rearing future generations. There will be research-based
presentations in an accessible and lively style along with exhibition of art on the topics of
the day. Including: art; films; literature/writing, approaches to parenting, education and
rearing of the next generation. Discussions will focus on m/otherhood, children, the future,
fatherhood, a variety of issues, policies, personal concerns and peer reviewed research will
be shared on topics including; environment, reproductive politics, health, disability, and
sexuality, balancing home and work, young fatherhood, changing nature of family life and
differences in support needs. The focus futures and the future we want for the next
generation should encourage great diversity among participants with a variety of issues and
policy concerns. Academic input is directly related to our lives and we are interested to use
our Festival to give voice to those who are often not heard. The venue is already at the
heart of local community and is a place where creative thought and play are nurtured and
new skills are learned. It is already inspiring and supporting local communities. We want to
share experiences and knowledge of family lives in all its forms.


12-5pm 9th Nov 2019

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