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Sally Gatie

Date: Monday 1st of April - Saturday 27th of April
Standard Times
Room: Gallery

Sally Gatie started her career in the arts in a London architect studio, making technical drawings. It wasn't until after her four children were born that she returned to studying art and began a fine art degree at University of York. This work in the exhibition is work spanning the last ten years.


The exhibition consists of drawings, collaged photographs and oil paintings. The human form is prevalent throughout the work. Working from sketches and photo-montages Sally creates her paintings using a grid system. It is a technique she has carefully developed over many years. Sally uses the figure as a starting point for an exploration of colour, texture and pattern.


Sally's subject matter is intimately close, it is a private view of a woman's life, exploring ideas of motherhood, birth and nurturing. In Sally's latest paintings there is an absence of the figure, calling these her Empty Nest paintings these large scale melancholic works depict a space where it seems that the figure has just vacated, leaving crumpled creases in the quilted painted surface of the paintings.

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