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Table-Top Drawings by John Carol

Date: Monday 5th of November - Saturday 9th of March
Standard Times
Room: Gallery

When the family home was emptied , I Inherited many items that belonged to my parents .

Unwrapping many of these objects and placing them on my kitchen table I realized they created interesting still life compositions . From this I began a series of charcoal studies . As time went by I began orchestrating the compositions , the objects resonated with one another creating suggested narratives . Many of the items had been in the family for generations and had become imbued with the memories of previous owners . What fascinates me is how as humans we project a strong emotional connection on to inanimate objects . As a consequence of this the objects seem to take on magical qualities .

As this series developed objects began to occupy the space surrounding the table . The drawings grew in scale and sometimes the items became blurred and abstracted as they flew, floated or dropped through the atmosphere around the table-top . This body of work has developed from small monochrome charcoal studies into full colour large-scale mixed media works on paper . Drawings depict the everyday domestic “events” of the kitchen table; residue from a meal half eaten or a vase of flowers decorating the space . In other drawings phantom shapes are presented, with elemental qualitied of liquid ,gas or fire . In all drawings the wooden table-top is ever present, grounding the work in the everyday domestic space .